Papers is an award-winning application developed for researchers. Improve collaboration and increase productivity by providing Papers to your team, department, company, or institution. Make sure time is spent on what is important.

Easy to manage

Every volume license comes with an administration interface for distributing licenses to Papers for Mac and Windows.

The administration interface allows you to:

  • See who is using Papers, and how many licenses have been distributed
  • Allocate licenses individually or in bulk
  • Customize license request and approval settings
  • Deactivate licenses

For a more detailed overview, please see our
Getting started guide.

Free trial

Before purchase, why not experiment first with Papers? Give your researchers and colleagues access and let them find out first-hand what Papers can do.

  • Flexible trial period
  • Full support throughout the trial
  • No obligation to buy

Contact us for a free trial.

Volume licenses are available in two formats:

Block based license

Blocks of licenses can be purchased with a discount over the standard license price. This starts at 10 licenses. This option is ideal for labs, departments, and other small to medium sized groups.

Site wide license

This license is ideal to make Papers available to everyone at your organization. The cost per license is substantially lower and the license management is easy. This option is ideal for 500+ user groups.

A Papers workshop for you

Why not organize a Papers training event? We run online and offline workshops that will help your colleagues learn more about Papers.

Contact us for more details:

Promoting Papers

To ensure your institution makes the best use of Papers it is important to publicise its availability. Some suggestions are:

  • Posting the site license key and download information to your intranet or shared email list.
  • Sharing the site license details on dedicated social media accounts.
  • Putting up posters.
  • Handing out flyers.